New Study, Old Facts: White People Get More Raises Than Everyone Else

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WHITE-PEOPLE-RAISESIt’s 2018, and the needle of income equality among the races in the corporate sector has barely moved an inch.

New research — which I’m sure had they stopped any Black person in the street and asked — confirms that white people are more likely to get the raises they request. The rest of us, it seems, are left to pray over our finances.

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Women of color, a wide-ranging group that includes Black women, Asians, and Hispanics, are 19 percent less likely than white men to get a pay increase after asking for one, according to Bloomberg.

The publication spoke to Lydia Frank, the VP of Content Strategy at Payscale, who says the input from the 160,000 respondents in their research survey shows the root of the problem is most likely discrimination.

“Everyone’s asking, but they’re getting different answers,” Frank told the financial outlet. “I think with the current climate in this country and the systemic racism that we’ve seen in other areas, I don’t think it’s terribly surprising.”

Ya think?

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The “new” research appears to back up a previous study that suggested bias keeps black women back from reaching the C-Suite level. The dire advancement opportunities have pushed many of them to flock to the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Quick recap: So, not only are black women being sabotaged by their white counterparts after being elevated to higher positions, we’re also not able to request and receive raises as easily as others. Got it.

How long do you think it will it take this country to get over its biases which hurt people of color — 50 years or 500?


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