Zendaya Is Lancome’s Newest Global Ambassador

Zendaya Is Lancome’s Newest Global Ambassador, Plus A Sneak Peek Of Her Tommy Hilfiger Line
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It’s a season full of wins for 22-year-old Zendaya. The actress/singer has quietly secured multiple bags while it seems everyone else in Hollywood was busy being problematic.

First up: Lancome. Adding to their lineup of familiar ambassadresses like Lupita Nyong’o and Julia Roberts, our girl Z will bring her “unique and diverse vision to the esteemed French luxury house of beauty,” the company said in a statement.

“It’s a huge honor to be able to represent a brand like Lancôme and join such an incredible line-up of iconic women,” she said of the partnership.

Whether it’s for a red carpet movie premiere or The Grammy’s, she always brings her A-game to create an iconic look. Speaking to Vanity Fair, she credits the women in her life as her biggest inspirations.

They have always been my references, specifically my grandmothers because they’re from a different time period, with all these amazing looks that they were serving without even knowing. I have this picture of my [father’s mother] in front of this convenience store that she and my grandfather owned, and she has this gorgeous fro. She just looks so chic in this sweater and bell bottoms, standing in front of this old car, and to her, that was just an everyday look. Same thing with my other grandmother, with her hair pin-curled up in this beautiful wave. I’m like, Yes!

Check out her glam shot below.

Zendaya Lancome Global Ambassador

And on the fashion front, she’s making a big, ’70s-inspired splash with Tommy Hilfiger. Last season the nautical brand worked with Gigi Hadid. According to Page Six Style, Zendaya will debut the full collection on March 2nd in Paris during Fashion Week. Here is a quick teaser of the #lewks before the big runway unveil:

What do you think about Zendaya’s foray into the business of things? Chime in below.

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